Saturday, February 21, 2009

My journey with Tamil comics - 1

We have lot of friends discussing so much about tamil comics in the net. I salute all of them for the taking time to search minute details about each comics character published in Tamil.

I am not having so much memory about the old comics. Will share whatever I got...

My special salute to Mr Vijayan & his father for bringing a wonderful world of comics to Tamil. No other Language in India has published these quality comics. We are lucky to have Mr Vijayan in TamilNadu for bringing all those English, Belgium,French etc comics to Tamil. My Thanks to him...

Before jumping to current comics disc few words on my journey with comics.
If I am remember correctly my first comics was flight-731 in Muthu comics. I got it in a book stall at Nagercoil Busstand. I was then in Ambasamudram to kill time in travel i got it. I didn't get a chance to read it again. If I am right the story has 7 diff villains trying to kill lawrence & David on a flight journey.

Rani Comics - This happened in 1984(right?) My mother gave me Rs 50 and asked to get change from shop. I accidentally went to a book shop. Instead of getting change, I saw Rani comics new issue hanging there.. I was tempted & bought it. Then i got good beating from parents for buying it :)

The issue was Thappi odiya ilavarasi . It was a nice story. Then the initial comics journey started with different issues & friends. In ambasamudram during that time a book shop owner used to give comics for rent . It was about 10 % of the cover price for 2 days. me & my friend will save money by someway(?) and get books for rental. 15 paisa for rani comics 20 paisa for muthu.

Me & my close friend were very much attracted to comics. Our plan was to finish reading book within one day. While going by school bus I will read & while coming back he will read. So we can return book in one day !!

Will continue the journey.....


  1. A Warm Welcome to another comics fan to world of blogging. Nice of you to share your early times with comics reading and buying. Many of us would have shared the same feeling. But, I wasn't lucky enough to start my journey when Muthu Comics was priced at Rs.2/-. If I remember correctly mine was only in 1984, when Rani was introduced.

    Don't see much of your comments in fellow comic bloggers. Hopefully, in future, along with posting about your favorites, you will also take part in the comic posts, by leaving your comments in there. I would be expecting your comments at Comicology for sure.

    Until then, have fun & Enjoy.


    P.S.: Kindly remove the Word Verification.

  2. Thanks Rafiq for your nice welcome comments. Will try to add more comics info whatever I have.
    As per your req work verification removed.