Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old English Comics Books at Bangalore

Before continuing my journey a break...

Hope you remember the one page short comics in siruvarmalar during 90's.

Recently I got a chance to see these originals of pei palli, jack, uyirai thedi & some other (don't remember Tamil name). They came in original eagle comics in UK.

It also has thirteen floor - famous Thikil comics stories.

Luckily I came across 2 such old issues at Blossoms book stall , near MG Road Bangalore.
Friends interested can add to the collections....


  1. Hi... what a coincidence. I just recorded an instance, about Uyirai Thedi in my Comicology Blog. Would be happy to receive your comments in there.

    By the way, if you can get me the book, please let me know, in my mail id @ rafiq AT comicology DOT in

    Rafiq Raja

  2. what is the english name of pei palli.

  3. Hello friend!

    I have read something about numbers uyirai thedi history, about British comics.
    Would be very interested in these books and would appreciate that you contact me at my email, which is
    many thanks
    Greetings from Spain
    Sorry for my English, but translated online.