Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My journey with Tamil comics - 3

The comics collection started during 12th std holidays. Its was surprising to see my reading habbit came back to comics after 12 . It was like a cycle like comics - crime novels - romance - russian lit- tamil lit - eng lit- again comics. Seeing now I think it was lucky I got that spark- due to which I was able to collect some old comics.

My Engg college opening was delayed after 12th std. I again had a chance to read comics. I started to search for old comics. I had a chance to visit almost 80 % percent of old book shops in chennai with my cycle. It was great days.

Just to share some snaps. My main source was one old book shop (think its name was Raman ) in Usman road - T Nagar. Every third day I will go there I will get one or other tamil comics for 1 or 2 rupees. It was very less than cover price. My target was Lion, Muthu & Rani. I didn't buy other local comics - a lot were available during that time - I ignored them. Today I didnot find that shop.

One more in the same road comes in right hand side (Usman Road) when we are going from T.Nagar busstand to saidapet. Few I got from there also. Then I got some from Moor market, Choolaimedu, Triplicane & many more places.

One place I used to search was in Avadi, nearly 20 Km from my home. It was near the Avadi bridge opp to a theater. Got a few old comics from that shop. Its crazy to think now, about travel such long in cycle in search of comics.

One thing I noticed is the shop owners tell price seeing outside cover. If its binded ( some library binds comics ) the price will be more or else half rate of cover value. Even big library such as Easwari followed same rule.

Many small library will not sell comics. We have to pay half price of book to take & read. When we return they will give back half of what we have give.

I was able to collect some 100 odd comics during that 4 months. As my target was mainstream comics, I totally ignored local comics. Now I regret that - I would have many snaps of comics history.

It was pleasant days seeing many shop owners some greedy , some ignorant, some arrogant. I have noticed only the moor market sellers were aware about the value of comics. It was difficult to bargain with those guys.


  1. Dinesh,

    It is amazing to know that You bought comics in Avadi. That theatre that you are mentioning is Rama rathna Theatre. It must be before 2002, because after that i never got a single comics there.

    In fact in those days, when i used to visit to my Best Friends Home in avadi, he took me to this shop and bought about 5/6 thigil comics in a single day. Including 3 of Captain Prince' adventures.

  2. King Viswa,
    Thanks for the visit & comment..

    Its surprising to know that you have also visited the shop in Avadi. You are right about theater name..

    I accidently found that shop..Once I was going to Poonamalle from Ambattur. Due to traffic Jam the Bus was going slow - Right side I found this shop..
    Immediatley got down & went to shop. Comics thaagam was that much !!!!

    I recently had a chance to go thru that road. I think shop is not there...

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