Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My journey with Tamil comics - 2

After a gap ( longgg... ) sharing some more memory flowers with comics ..

During initial school days the comics was helpful to read Tamil lanuage properly. Surely its good way for kids to learn a language.

In Ambai I got introduced to many other comics. Mainly I remember Kasthuri chitra kathai. It was in two colors & it was written by Tamil authors. I still admire the effort to bring in color while other major comics were still in B&W.
Archie - robot in lion & tiger in rani comics were my fav. heros during that time. Mainly the tiger & Henry with new inventions was a real attraction.

We moved to chennai. I had a chance befriend with a paper shop. I used to read the comics in shop itself and return back. Will visit daily for one or other comics. I had chance to read many comics during that days. Apart from lion & rani Mehta comics was attraction during that time - Mid 80's.

The children books were introduced during this time. Some are Rathnabala, Balamitra, Poonthalir, Gokulam & ambulimama. Poonthalir was the best of this lot. It had everything comics, story GK etc.. The Rathnabala was my next fav. But I find a few info in net about rathnabala.

My second home was a public library. Got a chance to many children books & magazines those days. I liked the Thumbi series in Dinamani kathir weekly. The Siruvar malar was another comics source. Initally it had a very good collection of variety comics.

After 8 th std my reading habbit changed to crime novels. Didnot pay much attention to comics during that time. Searched & read Rajeshkumar , Subha, P.Prabhakar etc..

That reading is another big story .Not to touch here.
Till that time I didnot have any comics collection.

will continue ...


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